Regular, normal male couples - roughy defined as "two men with enough sexual history to display (comfortably and unself-consciously) intimacy before a camera without self-consciousness."

Real guys. Naked or not. And not necessarily perfect bodies or professional models (unless they also happen to be part of a couple)...just men who are willing to share their instinctive physicalness in the moment. For art. And in exchange for an art print.

Stunning images of male/male affection presented as an inherently natural manifestation of human sexuality will not change the world. But, it's a start....

And please notice models are never specifically identifiable in the images. Bluntly put, the portfolio is about the concept of male coupleness and about work - viewers should see themselves in the images. [I do prefer a healthy height-weight proportion since this the intention is to reach the general public with a thoroughly positive message about gay male sexuality.]

I do not pair individual models previously unknown to each other because the communication needs to be genuine and honest.

There is a model release involved specifically restricting usage of any image with visible identifiers, including unique tattoos. It also obliges models to be of legal age at the time of the shoot.  

I do not participate, except to arrange poses.

The instructions are pretty simple: Ignore the camera, but communicate with each other – as nonverbally as you can. A still camera cannot deal with spoken language…body language is all there is.

Your art print will be a meaningful keepsake as time goes by.


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