Above a self-portrait, included here to demonstate the technique of freely mixing painterly elements (which by definition, tend to idealize and soften and flatter) with photo-realism in a large format print - and also to make the point that perfect bodies are not necessary for Art. And, it gives me an opportunity to show an image in a larger size. My prints tend to be at least 18" x 24".
Most images optomized for the Internet are too small for the technique to be appreciated.

Usually, I work exclusively with couples. I love the communication and the inevitable undercurrent of conflict present when two men come together for sex. A man alone can be lovely and/or touching and/or riveting; but two or more men are invariably also dramatic. Plus, it didn't seem quite fair for me to ask you to bare it all in the creation of art if I weren't willing to do it myself. Besides, why not?

Click image for Affection Video

Click image for Passion Video [explicit]



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